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PPE inspection
To maintain the safety quality, we provide periodic PPE inspections for each technicians to meet the requirments of HSE, and we also issue PPE inspection certification.

Coating Inspections(NACE CIP)
NACE, known as National Association of Corrosion Engineers was established in 1943, the NACE certification applies in coatings for industry, inspection, corrosion testing, and material selection for specific chemical resistance. We provide NACE CIP L2 inspector with IRATA certification that has rope access techniques to ensure maximize mobility.


With a proficiency in Rope Access and a variety experiences in wind farm, we are able to execute maintenance work scope. For more info, please visit Our experiences.

Surface Treatment

We provide all sort of surface treatment throughout the wind farm such as coating, power tooling, de-rusting and cleaning.

We provide sealing services in Transition Pieces or certain facillities in the wind farm, such as Nacelle Sealing or Flange Sealing.

We provide the installlation or removal serviece in certain facillities such as offshore met mast installation or nacelle frame removal.