GWO Training

First GWO traininig center in Taiwan with real practice in both offshore and onshore wind farm

GWO (Global Wind Organization ) is a global organization founded by leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators and aim for safety of wind farm. GWO has establish differnt course for each purpose in wind power industry, among all those course, the BST (Basic Safety Training) are a must-have certification to enter the world of wind power industry.

Greenwish Windaccess Training center is located in Yuanli, nearby Taichung Port. It is the first GWO traininig center in Taiwan that execute training and onsite operations.
Real Practice
We expect not only sharing GWO profession lectures but also share our first hand experiences in both onshore and offshore windfarm. By the way, we provide AC in our training center!

Expertise in WAH
Among all the courser in BST, WAH(Work at height) is the most common and widely used techniques, and this is the proficiency of Greenwish Team. We are professional rope access team with IRATA qualifications and experience for over decades.
Proactive and Positive Training Style
We encourage our trainee to ask questions and learn proactively. In our core value, we are dedicated to ensure our trainee come with questions and left without and doubts.