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Basic Safety Training

Greenwish provide GWO(Global Wind Organization) of BST(Basic Safety Training) and BSTR(Basic Safety Training Refresh).

BST/BSTR is composed of 5 modules including First Aid, Work At Height, Sea Survival, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, and each module is conducted by theory and practical training with certain scenario.

All of the trainee are under the regulation of GWO(Global Wind Organization) to take specific hours training and pass the assessment for both written and operating examination to acquire the GWO certification. Each certification is valid for 2 years and must take BSTR refresh courses within 2 months before expiry date. Once one pass the refresh assessment, one will have another 2 years validity.

The BST/BSTR can be categorized in Onshore Training and Offshore Training, both training have First Aid, Work At Height, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness in common, except for offshore training have to take Sea Survival course. All courses are comprise of written test of theory and practical operating test.

First Aid (FA):7h
First Aid courses includes CPR, bandage dressing, examination of injury and prevention of causing injury in wind farm. 

Work at Height (WAH):13h25m 
Work at Height are the most common scenario in the wind farm such as ladder climbing, boat landing and all of the facilities with heights in the wind farm. This is usually considered the most diiffcult part among all modules since human are not birds, we are not used to work or live with touching the ground. However, Greenwish is an elite rope access team with years of WAH/rope access operation experience. We have technicians with IRATAs and IRATA  insrtuctors, this ensure our training quality, and we will share far more than simply theory but also the first hand experiences. By the way, we provide AC during WAH training! 

Sea Survival (SS):6h30m

Sea Survival courses includes proper usage of life suit and life boat, escape techniques during certain conditions and preventive actions in offshore wind farm.

Manual Handling (MH):3h35m

Manual Handling courses includes the knowledge of human structures, efficient method of handling heavy objects and the prevention and treatment to injury.

Fire Awareness (FAW):3h20m

Fire Awareness courses includes the evalutions of fire scenario, fire extinguish procedure and operations, escape safe from fire scenarios, and prevention of fire.